Fuse Board Replacements

The consumer unit or fuse board is the heart of the electrical system in your property, it controls the supply of power and provides protection, to both life and to the fabric of the building.

Many modern consumer units incorporate technically advanced protective devices such as:

RCD's - for protection against electric shock

Circuit breakers (CB's) - for the protection of the cables

Circuit breakers are rated in amperes (A) and protect the wires in your property from being exposed to excessive amounts of current, which would cause the cables to overheat and lead to the potential risk of a fire occuring.

What is the difference between a consumer unit and fuse board?

Fuse board is the old name for the device that protects the electrical installation in your property, they are called fuse boards because they are installed with fuse wire that melts when exposed to excessive current (amperes).

Consumer unit is the modern development of the humble fuse board. They are fitted with MBC's a type of switch that trips (switches off) when excessive current flows through the device. They can also be fitted with RCD's and RCBO's, devices that can trip if someone is receiving and electric shock.

The Power Service Chesterfield has extensive experience in maintaining and renewing all types of consumer units and fuse boards, we install and maintain both single phase and three phase consumer units for many domestic  and industrial properties.

Get in touch for a full appraisal of the condition of your consumer unit, and if renewing your fuse board is the ideal solution to resolving safety issues.